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Director Election results will be announced at the AGM on March 10, 2021.


You must be registered to vote. Registration closed Noon, MST March 1, 2021.

Annually Connect First Credit Union reviews its composite skills and experience set on the Board to determine its future needs and to ensure ongoing effective governance. This year, candidates were required to demonstrate an understanding of board governance and bring professional skills, expertise or background in one or more of the following competencies:

  • Credit & Risk Oversight
  • Financial Literacy
  • Human Resources
  • Technology Governance

As you review the candidate profiles, all six (6) candidates have been endorsed and are therefore being recommended to the membership by the Nominations Committee. All candidates participate in a rigorous interview and assessment process, supported by an external consultant, to determine the most qualified relative to the published skills and experience the Board is looking for in 2021.

In the 2021 election, there are four (4) positions available on the Connect First Credit Union Board, all with three-year terms. Get to know the candidates in our 2021 Board of Directors Elections.

Questions? Email boardelections@connectfirstcu.com

Cindy Skrukwa


It has been a pleasure to serve on the Connect First board over the past three years and I hope you’ll allow me to continue.

My background includes a strong record of business success, a decade of credit union sector experience and a passion for helping others. In 1991, I earned my MBA from the Ivey School of Business. Ever since, I have created and led successful business strategies for many organizations, including financial institutions. This experience has enabled me to contribute strongly, as a board member, to Connect First’s new strategic path aimed at better serving members for many years to come.

While on the board, I’ve also worked hard to deepen my governance expertise and have invested over 250 hours earning my ICD.D (Independent Corporate Director) designation. Currently, I chair the Risk Committee and am an Audit and Finance Committee member.

Another reason I am so passionate about continuing on the Connect First board is that my personal values match credit union values. I believe in Making Money Make a Difference and in my 30’s, I wrote a book called “She Laughed all the Way to the Bank” to inspire young Canadian women to make good financial decisions.

I also volunteer extensively. I’ve been a Big Sister, Boy Scouts treasurer, Junior Achievement leader and private refugee sponsorship group founder.

I’m very excited about our future at Connect First and I hope to be able to continue to contribute to it, with your support.

Thank you.

John Lindsay

Hello, my name is John Lindsay, and I am pleased and grateful to have been endorsed by the Nomination Committee to run as a candidate for the Board of Directors of Connect First Credit Union.

I have been a member of the Connect First Credit Union family for almost forty years and, having used our mortgage, loans, savings, and investment services, I understand the community and financial values our credit union provides to its membership.

I bring to you nine years experience as a Board Director with Legacy Savings & Loans Credit Union. As well, I have eight months experience with the Connect First Board of Directors which was gained during the 2017 merger of Legacy Savings and Connect First.

My forty-year employment background is in Management Organization and Leadership with a focus on Property Valuation. As a Senior Consultant, I provide companies with services on risk review, process change, training and development. I have and continue to volunteer for several non-profit professional boards and committees providing governance and leadership to their organizations.

If elected I will bring to our credit union knowledge and experience in organizational governance, risk assessment and financial literacy contributing positively and creatively towards the critical strategic decisions required by our credit union in the fast-changing financial services industry.

I would be honoured if you chose to support me as your candidate to serve on our credit union’s Board of Directors.

John Lindsay

Michel Cantin

For the past 10 years, I have had the great privilege to represent you, member-owners, on the Board of Directors of Connect First Credit Union, currently serving as 1st Vice-Chair. Over my tenure, I have been a member of all Board Committees and I am presently the Chair of the Governance Committee. As we strive to mitigate the social and economic challenges brought forward by the pandemic, I believe that continuity, experience and strong governance are key to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organization.

I am committed to governance excellence and regularly dedicate time to attend training sessions, conferences and other opportunities to stay up to date with developments affecting credit unions. I completed my Certified Credit Union Director designation.

This year, the Nominations Committee is looking for individuals with skills in 4 areas, all of which I have professional or board experience in. As such, I believe I have the expertise to continue to effectively serve as a Director. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science and my professional experience spans 20 years in the fields of HR consulting, employee benefits, pension plans and business development. I have been a proud Calgarian for over 14 years, where I live with my wife, three daughters and several pets.

I would be delighted and honored to continue representing you on the Board of our credit union. Thank you for your support!

Feel free to connect & visit my LinkedIn profile

Karim Teja

My approach to business is centered upon building strong relationships. In my experience, relationship-focused organizations achieve superior financial and operational success. I believe that successful organizations derive their strength from a diversity of skills, opinions, and experiences. Listening and learning from members, employees and stakeholders results in organizations driven by values of integrity, transparency, compassion, social equity and most of all, responsibility to community.

In my twenty years of professional and volunteer experience as a financial and operations executive in various corporations, government-funded entities, not-for-profits, and community associations, I have found that organizational cultures which embrace these values attract and retain the best talent, are the quickest to adapt, and contribute the most to society.

I am the co-founder of RTB LLP, a firm providing executive-level financial, operational, strategic and regulatory consulting services to some of the fastest growing companies in Alberta. My skills include financial reporting, audit, governance, strategic planning, technology commercialization and social responsibility. In 2006, I was one of the winners of the coveted Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for my work in rapidly commercializing and globally distributing a new health-tech product. I have been a member of First Calgary for over twenty years and have encouraged many of my clients to join as I am an ardent supporter of the credit union system and cooperative organizations in general. If I were to gain your confidence, my approach would be to foster open dialogue and build strong relationships that serve the needs of our members and our credit union as a whole.

Richard Waroway

Hello, I am Richard Waroway and I’m honored to be endorsed by the Connect First Credit Union Board Nominations Committee in the upcoming elections. As a life-long supporter of credit unions, I’m excited to have an opportunity to represent you on the Board.

The Nominations Committee completed a rigorous assessment to ensure my values, experience and skills would enhance the Board’s composition. I would like to share an overview for your consideration.

I’m an experienced Executive and Six Sigma Black Belt with 25 years Financial Services experience, including mergers. I have deep experience in the core competencies the Board requires:

  • Financial Literacy; 20 years operational banking experience in Retail, Business, Agriculture & Investments
  • Risk & Compliance; 10 years regulatory, compliance, underwriting & risk
  • Human Resources; employee engagement, change & compensation
  • Technology Governance; 10 years leading major technology programs including core banking, Fintech and ECM

I recently worked with Celero, a Prairie Credit Union Central subsidiary, which provides core banking, payment and cloud solutions to credit unions across Canada. As Director of Strategy and Fintech Solutions, I established a network of contacts with CU’s, Centrals and partners across Canada that would benefit Connect First.

I’m active in my community volunteering for; United Way, NSD Soccer, Cal-South Softball, “Make A Wish,” Canadian Home Builders and Alberta Mortgage Loans Associations.

I will strive to live our core values, effectively considering the needs of our members and the credit union organization. I’m excited to make a meaningful impact to Connect First Credit Union and communities we serve. Thank you for your consideration.

Anne Johnson

I have established, operated and managed businesses in Calgary, Okotoks, Black Diamond and Carstairs in the hospitality, publishing and agricultural industries. With this array of experience, I bring a keen understanding of business development and entrepreneurship to the boardroom. I understand that being flexible and keeping pace with change in any industry, while retaining the bedrocks of good customer service and community involvement, are key to growing and maintaining a business.

As a community leader, I have seven years of volunteer board experience, six of which is in Executive roles, including four as President and Chair. Through hands-on learning and by grasping every possible opportunity to grow our organization, I have led a dedicated team of volunteers to create a successful and constructive board that values community above all. We have built processes and procedures into the association’s daily operations and overarching goals, ensuring our financial stability, good governance, and future succession planning. I believe in clear communication, strong planning, and positive collaborations that benefit all parties involved.

I see those same principles in Connect First Credit Union—fidelity, customer loyalty and appreciation, and community building. While working with Connect First in my businesses and my volunteering roles, I have witnessed firsthand the fantastic work they do and the benefits that work brings to the diverse communities in which they operate. I want to be a part of that, to help Connect First Credit Union grow and prosper, while its communities and members do the same.