Community is all of our responsibility. When you’re a member, you can be proud your money is making a difference – a genuine and lasting contribution to the financial success of your local community.

Because we’re in this together. We believe in doing things a little differently. It’s part of who we are. Your dollars help to build strong local economies with proud communities.

$1,099,987 in total community contributions in 2016
(includes funds leveraged from external stakeholders and in-kind support)

2,380 volunteer hours donated by employees

121 donations made by 27 branches to 108 community organizations across southern Alberta

Find out how we’re helping communities:

  • Gain access to affordable places to live
  • Learn career and entrepreneurship skills
  • Increase their financial skills and confidence to help them better manage for a brighter future
  • Feel civic pride and connections to their local neighbourhoods and community