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Learn About Money. Double Your Savings.

This 10-month matched savings program helps youth learn how to save, plan for their future, and pay for their post-secondary education or trades programs.

The Scholarship:

  • Open to all students that live in our local communities and are in grade 12.
  • Teaches students how to manage their finances, set goals, and save money towards their goals.
  • Allows students to earn $4 for every $1 saved, up to $110 a month or $2,200 total.

Participants Commit To:

  • Opening a savings account with a division of Connect First Credit Union, if not already established. A division of Connect First includes Chinook Financial, First Calgary Financial, Legacy Financial and Mountain View Financial.
  • Having part-time employment or have some form of regular paid income.
  • Saving between $15 and $55 each month for the duration of the 10-month program.
  • Meeting with a mentor from a Connect First Credit Union division at their local branch.
  • Providing proof of enrollment in post-secondary or trades training before receiving matched funds.

There will be a total of 12 scholarships available for students across central and southern Alberta. Priority of applications is placed on students who are motivated, but may face financial barriers to achieving their career or education goals.



The Legal Stuff:

Although participants are encouraged to save on a monthly basis, two retroactive savings contributions will be allowed. If there is a month that the participant is unable to save, or to save the maximum, these can be used as a chance to catch up. Our goal is to help you develop strong saving habits! To achieve this, we require our participants to make regular, monthly deposits into the savings account, rather than a single, lump sum deposit. Withdrawals from the account during the program duration are prohibited. If an emergency comes up, it is to be discussed with the mentor from a division of Connect First Credit Union, who will help the participant to develop a savings plan. We love to see our participants save more than the maximum per month! While we encourage this behavior, Connect First will only be able to match up to the $55 per month. In order for the matched savings to be allocated, students must provide proof of enrollment in post-secondary education and/or trades training prior to September 1, 2021. Payments will be issued as soon as the students demonstrate their enrollment in a post-secondary or trades training program and upon completion of the savings plan.