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Candidate Endorsement

Connect First believes in the value of endorsement as a governance practice which supports board effectiveness, board relevancy and board renewal. It has a Board Endorsement Policy whose purpose is to

  • clarify the expectations and standards by which candidates will be selected for possible inclusion in the Credit Union’s recommended slate of candidates during the elections process; and
  • promote transparency and ensure consistency in the process followed to determine whether a candidate should be endorsed.

Connect First believes that governance practices such as endorsement provide members with assurance that a candidate’s values, interests, experience and qualifications are those that would enhance the boards’ current composition.

The Board Endorsement Policy is published on the Connect First Credit Union website.

The Nominations Committee is responsible for conducting an interview with all candidates to gather consistent data and to objectively assess (using a scoring matrix) how candidates meet, or do not meet, the published recruitment criteria. This will inform their decisions regarding endorsement. They will strive to endorse the most qualified candidates based on the published needs of the Board. An external consultant is engaged to support the integrity and objectivity of this process.

The Nominations Committee may endorse a maximum number of candidates. This will be up to twice the number of vacancies on the Board. For example, in 2021 there are four (4) vacancies. The Nominations Committee could endorse up to a maximum of eight (8) candidates. The actual number of candidates endorsed may be less depending on the candidate’s qualifications relative to the published skill sets.

Connect First welcomes and values applications to become a Board member from all members who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the Credit Union Act, Connect First bylaws and board policies, and the skills and competencies published to the membership annually.