Keeping it low
and locked.

A mortgage rate that can't get any lower.
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The Simple Mortgage is the one for you if you want to be locked in with our lowest possible rate.

    • No prepayments or paydowns
    • Conventional or High Ratio
    • Fixed rate
    • 5 year payment term
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Have the flexibility to pay off your loan sooner with our Flex Mortgage.

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Not the product for you?
We think one of these might suit you better.

More options.


Flexibility to pay off your loan faster plus a great rate.

  • 1 to 5-year term.
  • Fixed or Variable rates.
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Back in your pocket.

Cash-Back Mortgage

A great rate, plus money back in your pocket!

  • Up to $3,000 cash back.
  • Fixed rate.
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Head-Start Mortgage

Your first three payments, back in your pocket.

  • Annual paydown options.
  • Fixed rate.
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* Lending terms and conditions apply.

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