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Exciting News From Our Partners At Credential

We’re happy to share that Credential Asset Management Inc. is introducing exciting new enhancements to improve your overall wealth experience!

As a credit union, we always put you first, and we care about your experience. You’ll be receiving important communications from Credential Asset Management Inc. over the next several weeks that outline the updates that will be taking place. Please ensure you open and review these communications carefully.

Upcoming Enhancements You Can Expect:

• Updated branding & new look

• New statement format

• New member account number

• Enhanced member online portal

• e-Delivery expanded scope

• Trustee for registered account

• Timing of this year’s annual administration fee


There will be no changes to your fees. The only changes related to fees is the timing of the fee billing.


There will be no changes to your current investments.

We’re Here to Help!

Connect First Wealth’s expert advisory team is committed to helping you plan, manage, and build your financial security. Our team is working closely in partnership with Credential Asset Management Inc. to tailor solutions unique to your needs and to help you make investment decisions with confidence!

Please contact your wealth advisor or call us at 1.888.361.2059 with any questions or concerns you might have.

More Information

For more information, please visit www.credential.com/integration. Additional information will also be included in your September and December quarterly statements sent by Credential Asset Management Inc.

Disclaimer: Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.