Interac® Sign-In Service 

connectFirst Credit Union is a proud partner of the Interac® Sign-In Service, and we're here to make your online experience even more convenient and secure. Interac® sign-in Service is an easy and secure way for members to log in on many Canadian government sites.  

It's important to note that this service is only available for personal online banking members currently.  

Interac Sign-in Services Demo

To get started with this seamless login method, follow these easy steps to log in:


Use the Sign-In Partner option on Government of Canada websites.


Select the connectFirst Credit Union logo.


Enter your personal online banking credentials on the following pages (username and online banking password)


Review and accept the Terms & Conditions on the Interac page after successful authentication. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can reset your password or recover your username from the sign in page of digital banking. You can also always give us a call instead at 1.866.923.4778. 
You must have personal online banking set up to use Interac® Sign-In Service. Give us a call at 1.866.923.4778 and we’d be happy to help you get started with online banking. 
At connectFirst, we're dedicated to safeguarding your personal and financial information. We've chosen to partner with the Interac® Sign-In Service because it's a secure authentication network. This service operates on a "triple-blind" system, ensuring that neither connectFirst, Interac Corp., nor any online services can access your sensitive data. Your personal and account information is kept confidential, and your choice of government service and Sign-In Partner remains private. 
Visit the Government website to read more about using sign-in partners 
You have the option to switch to connectFirst even if you are already signed in using another sign-in partner. 

Follow these steps to switch:
  • Start by going to the sign-in partner page and select "Switch Sign in Partner" at the top of the page
  • Sign in using your existing sign-in partner
  • Once logged in, you will be prompted to then log in to your new sign-in partner
  • Choose connectFirst and log in using your connectFirst online banking credentials
  • The website will direct you back to the CRA log in page where you will now follow the steps using your connectFirst log in as the sign-in partner log in
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