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lowest rate.

Simple Mortgage

A locked-in mortgage product at our lowest rate possible.

  • 5-year term.
  • Fixed rate.
  • Conventional or high ratio.
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More options.

Flex Mortgage

Flexibility to pay off your loan faster plus a great rate.

  • 1 to 5 year term.
  • Fixed or variable rates.
  • Pay down up to 20% of the original principle annually.
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Money offer.

Back in your pocket.

Cash-Back Mortgage

A great rate, plus money back in your pocket!

  • 5-year term.
  • Fixed rate.
  • Up to $3,000 cash-back.
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Money offer.

no limit.

Head-Start Mortgage

Get the amount of your first three payments back.

  • 5-year term.
  • Fixed rate.
  • Get your first three payments back, with no max limits.
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Some skills to help make
the most out of your mortgage.

A guide for home buyers.
A guide to help you through the home buying process giving you confidence for this next big purchase.
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Getting ready to move?
Before you start, let our moving checklist help ensure you don't miss any important steps along the way.
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Tips to renew your mortgage.
Is your mortgage term up for renewal? We've got the best tips for you to feel confident you're making the best choice.
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Meet our mobile mortgage team.

Mandy Randhawa

Mobile Mortgage Advisor

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