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Once in a while, our website, digital banking, and other systems need to go down for maintenance to make sure they're performing their best, but we promise to never keep you in the dark.

Check the status of our main systems and any upcoming outages we have scheduled below.

Digital Banking
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Sure, all of our systems are up and running but we know there are a few things that require some enhancements. Don't worry though, our teams are on it!

Item Description Workaround
Former signer receiving alerts
Former business signers have reported receiving alerts after having their signer roles removed from old accounts or online banking access terminated.
Ensure that before a signer is removed that you ask the signer to log in to online banking once more to unsubscribe from all alerts. If this cannot be done, please give us a call at 1-866-923-4778.
Duplicate Provinces
Interac e-Transfer deposit page is showing duplicate provinces in the dropdown menu for "Province or Territory"
This issue isn't taking place on the mobile app. If you notice this on desktop banking and Alberta is not showing up, please try on the mobile app.
Account Details
Members who have consolidated accounts may be seeing the incorrect member number displaying when looking at their account details.
Accepting Interac e-Transfers You may be presented with the error message "we are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again or contact us for assistance" when accepting an e-Transfer  Check your balance to ensure it hasn't changed and then attempt to accept the e-Transfer again
Sending Interac e-Transfers - Android Users When sending an e-Transfer to a particular contact, you may recieve an error message "Contact has notification handle registered for direct deposit, regular transfer cannot be sent" Try sending the e-Transfer on desktop banking instead, or check that there is only one notification method set up for that contact, and not both email and text
Mobile App Timestamp Error You may be seeing a 6+ hour timestamp difference on their transactions N/A
Quickbooks Pulling Partial Description Quickbooks may be only capturing the first line when exporting your transaction history in Excel You may need to edit the detailed info directly in the excel document for their records
Updating Contact Details Some members may be unable to update their address within online banking or the mobile app. Please call us for assistance at 1.866.923.4778
Filtering Bill Payments Nothing is showing when a member tries to filter their bill payments using the description field. Use confirmation number, bill payments only, or amount to filter for bill payments
JAWs Program If you use the JAWs program within online banking, it may not be reading all of the titles and making some fields unusable.

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