Small but meaningful ways to support small businesses.

Like you, small business owners are also feeling the pinch of rising inflation and interest rates. In a province where 95% of businesses are made of independent enterprises, small businesses have a big impact. When local businesses do well, Albertans do well, too.

So, in honour of Small Business Month, we’ve put together a list of small but meaningful ways you can support local businesses so that together, we can build a more prosperous Alberta.

1. Leave a review. 

Many small businesses rely on word of mouth and online reviews to bring in new customers, because it’s low-cost yet impactful. Did you know that on average, a positive review can increase a business’ sales by 18%? For a small to medium-sized shop, this can be significant and could mean the difference between barely breaking even, to making money. And because small businesses are owned by everyday people, not faceless corporations, your review might just give an entrepreneur the drive to keep pushing ahead.

2. Buy gift cards.

For many small business owners, gift cards are a quick and easy way to attract new customers and build loyalty. It’s a simple but tangible way customers can share their love and appreciation for small businesses, and in turn, gift cards often bring repeat customers – especially if you can reuse or recharge the card. 

3. Sign up for newsletters. 

You might not think twice about signing up for newsletters from your favourite merchants, but it’s an affordable and efficient way for independent businesses to tell subscribers about upcoming events or new products. As a subscriber, you often get the benefit of hearing about promotions and special offers before others do. 

You’ve heard it said before: small businesses are the beating heart of our province. They bring opportunity and vibrancy to communities. Collectively, they employ the greatest number of people in Alberta. As a local institution, we play a big part in supporting our communities’ lifeblood, and we don’t take this role lightly. 

When banks see numbers, we see Albertans. Together, we can bank on a brighter future.

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