Our Chief Operating Officer, Wellington Holbrook and Local Laundry’s Connor Curran took the stage for the first-ever live episode of the "What's Next, Alberta?” podcast. The episode was filled with contagious energy and a whole lot of inspiration!

Check out this special edition of the podcast.

Here you can access the latest What's Next Alberta? podcast episodes, hosted by our Chief Operating Officer, Wellington Holbrook.

New episodes are brought to you every second Thursday, where Wellington will offer pointed insight, lively discussion, and big predictions about the future of Alberta, Canada. 

He and his guests plan the comeback of this once energy-driven economy, with a focus on innovation, financial institutions and diversification.
Latest episode:
October 14 | Episode 25
A Look Back at Season One w/ Wellington Holbrook

"When you have the courage to
stand up and change the world,
the world does change"
-Wellington Holbrook
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