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Thank you for being a member of connectFirst Credit Union. Sincerely.

As a member, the business you do with us enables us to do good for more Albertans across the province and the communities we live in. Looking ahead, we intend to do a whole lot more of that good to help more Albertans get back on their feet and help them achieve their goals. We are also stepping up to support those that are going to grow our economy in the future – Alberta businesses from start-ups to large companies, not to mention the farmers and ranchers who are finding a way forward despite the economic challenges we have been facing.

So this is where this newsletter comes in. What is spotlightAB?

As a member, you get to know what is going on with your credit union and this is just one way we want to touch base with you, just once a month. It’s just for members, and 100% full of conversations with your neighbours, shining a light on the real folks making our province better – in our first issue, that’s Andrew Eberl from Claresholm, the city of Medicine Hat and Jim Gibson, one of our recent guests on the What’s Next, Alberta? podcast 

And we'd be remiss if we didn’t say thank you for sticking with us. We made a lot of changes in the past year and yes, there were times we should have been better. Our commitment is to be better and every single employee of our credit union has taken a Pledge to do so and create a remarkable member experience for you.

Our new brand that was only launched this past May represents this aspiration – we want to create a new banking experience where you feel like you belong. We are literally building a credit union for the 2020s and we hope you are going to like what you see.

We are just getting started. 

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