Common Shares.

We share our profits with our members. Banks don't.

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Reap the benefits of being a member-owner with annual dividend payments and a say in how our business operates when you purchase just $1 in common shares.

Let's give you the low-down:

  • $1 in Common Shares required to become a member-owner
  • Dividend payouts (we share our profits with you!) happen every November
  • Every member can purchase up to $200,000 in common shares at any time
  • In 2023, we shared $26 million with our members*
  • Common shares paid out at a rate of 5.50% in 2023

Curious to see the history of Common Share payouts over the years? Check here.

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* Annual share total includes Common Share dividends as well as Investment Share dividends. When you buy common shares you invest in your credit union. The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation doesn’t cover common shares. The security of your common share investment depends on the strength and stability of our credit union.

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