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connectFirst Visa* Debit Card.

The Visa Debit card gives you the freedom to shop with one card, with funds directly from your bank account.

  • Use it for online, in-store & international purchases
  • Use it for in-app purchases
  • Use it for recurring payments
  • Tap to pay using the Interac Flash® technology

    Visa Global ATM Locator FAQs

Report your lost or stolen card: 1.866.923.4778

What to love about your connectFirst Visa* Debit card:

The Visa Debit card is a debit card that is linked to your chequing account that can be used online, in-store and internationally. Plus, our innovative vertical card design allows you to easily spot your card in your wallet. There are so many reasons to love your Visa Debit card.

Shop securely online

Your Visa Debit card allows you to shop securely online within Canada for food delivery apps, mobile apps, internet and more.

Tap to pay with Interac Flash®

Tap to pay in store. Your card comes with convenient and secure chip, Interac Flash.

Book your hotel, flights and more

Imagine ease and comfort using your Visa Debit card for booking hotel and flight reservations.

Shop in-store worldwide

Visa Debit is accepted in over 200 countries outside of Canada safely paying from your account.

Use it for recurring payments

Your Visa Debit card can be used to pay for any recurring payments you may have (e.g., Netflix, Amazon, subscription services, etc.) and even for paying your monthly bills (e.g., Enmax, Shaw, Telus, etc.).

Get peace of mind and convenience

Safe and Secure

Your connectFirst Visa Debit card is safe and secure with its Visa Zero Liability as well as Interac Zero Liability protection. So, you can sleep easy knowing you’re protected against certain unauthorized transactions.


By paying directly from your account, you are in control of your finances at all times, and you can track your spending. Plus, the Visa Debit card is compatible with digital wallets for example Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay so you can enjoy more ways to pay.

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