Kids Account.

Empower generational savings with the Kids Account — No monthly fee!

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The Kids Account is tailored for children aged 12 and younger and is safeguarded and accessible only by parents/grandparents, paving the way for a brighter financial tomorrow.

  • Free. Don't pay a monthly fee for this account — no strings attached!
  • 100% guaranteed. Rest easy knowing your money is safe and secure. Thanks to the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation, deposits in Alberta credit unions are 100% guaranteed.
  • Transferrable. At the discretion of the trustee (parent/grandparent), ownership of the account can be transferred to the beneficiary at any time.
  • Save. Save more for the future by not having access to do point of sale, bill payments or cheque clearing through this account.
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Education savings.


Government approved plan to help you save for your child’s post-secondary education.

  • Contribute to a lifetime maximum of $50,000.
  • Take advantage of up to $7,200 in grants through the Canada Education Savings Grant.
  • Take advantage of up to $2,000 in funds through the Canada Learning Bond.
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Life Insurance*

Protect your future and your loved ones with Critical Illness, Disability and Personal Insurance.

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  • In the event of death, premiums are refunded to beneficiary and financial obligations are protected.
  • Provides a financial safety net when earning power is compromised due to a disability.
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* Product terms and conditions apply.

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