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18 month non-redeemable GIC.

This GIC is the perfect way to grow your savings over a short period of time. Investing in a GIC is a low-risk option — guaranteed that you receive your full principal investment at the end of the term. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your money is safe and secure.

  • High rate. Earn more on your savings at 5.00% interest.
  • Low maintenance. Deposit your money, and watch it grow.
  • Low risk. Rest easy with our 100% deposit guarantee.
  • Start small. Get started with a min. $500 initial investment.
  • Local. Keep your money in Alberta.
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The difference locking-in could make.

By locking your savings in with a GIC (term deposit) instead of letting it sit in an every day savings account, your deposit will grow significantly more in the same amount of time!*

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More great ways to earn.

Lock-in your savings for a length of time that suits your goals.

1-Year GIC non-redeemable.


Lock in for 12 months to maximize your gains for short term goals.

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2-Year GIC non-redeemable.


Set, forget, and then watch your savings grow for a couple of years.

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5-Year GIC non-redeemable.


Lock-in for the long term so you don't experience any interest dips.

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* Terms and conditions apply. Rates are subject to change without notice. Calculations shown are for demonstration purposes only and may not represent our current rates and terms of our GIC products. Calculations were based on a $10,000 deposit with a 1.5% rate for an every day savings account and a 4.15% rate for a GIC. Funds in this product are redeemable after 90 days.

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