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We are your friends and neighbours, serving our communities with expertise, know-how and passion.

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You already know who we are.

Maybe not by name, but through our shared experience as Albertans.

Our kids play hockey together. We watch the sun set behind the Rockies together. We support each others’ local businesses. We watch the price of oil rise and fall, and rise again, together. We push each others’ cars out of snowbanks.

connectFirst is a force for good. Through good times and bad, helping Albertans is our purpose, our history, our DNA. We’re a true credit union, born out of the collective legacies of four others that came before: First Calgary Financial, Chinook Financial, Mountain View Financial, Legacy Financial and SPARK the Energy Credit Union.

We're your full-service banking partner, our local history and integrity now shining through state-of-the-art digital banking solutions.

Our members belong here—we believe we all belong here.

And that working each day to make Albertans more secure and prosperous is a purpose worth fighting for.

We’re here for you. We’re here with you. We are you. And we pledge to support your financial health with expertise, know-how and passion.

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Our mission

Make money make a difference.

Our vision

Do what's right for every member.

Our values

Think big, act local, take charge, and make it easy.

Our team.

These are the Albertans who lead our commitment to our members’ well-being.

Andrew Eberl

Board Chair

Anne Johnson

1st Vice Chair

Carey Taubert

2nd Vice Chair

Michel Cantin

Matthew Becker

Darlene Harris

William O'Yeung

Cindy Skrukwa

Karim Teja

Shannon Rennie

Tim Crowe

Adil Lalani

Don Coulter

Chief Executive Officer

Kendra Holland

Chief Merger Officer

Catherine Boynton

Chief Technology Officer

Bob Webb

Chief Brand, People & Culture Officer

Muhammad Shalwani

Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen Hurtubise

Chief Member Experience Officer

Barry Hensch

Executive Vice President, Amplified Experience

James Shore

Interim Chief Risk & Administration Officer

Policies, bylaws and financial results.

Trust is built through decades of communication and transparency.

Here's how we do it:

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