Matched savings and financial literacy program.

At connectFirst, we believe that supporting our communities and financial literacy are important parts of building a stronger Alberta for tomorrow.

connectFirst Credit Union awards scholarships to 12 lucky applicants that are in grade 12 and attending post-secondary the next year. Our scholarship winners will be involved in their local communities and have a passion for reaching their savings goals. They will participate in a monthly matching program, where they will have the potential to earn up to $2,520 in matched dollars to use towards their post-secondary education.

Eligible applicants can apply between November 20, 2023, and January 5, 2024, for their chance to win.

How does this program work?

Your journey begins

Once selected, the recipients will go through an 8-month saving program. connectFirst will match $4 for every $1 saved, with students earning up to a maximum of $78/month and $2,520 total in matched dollars!

Invest in your future

Students are required to save each month to maintain the program - lump sum deposits and withdrawals from the designated accounts will not be permitted. We want to support you as you invest in your financial future.

Learn with your mentor

During the 8-month program, students will be assigned a mentor from connectFirst Credit Union who will support them in becoming financially savvy with monthly check-ins to review their goals and work on better understanding various financial topics.

Hard work pays off

At the end of the program in August, students will be provided with their hard-earned savings and matched scholarship dollars.

Program highlights

What our students had to say:

"I liked having a mentor who was willing to hear my questions and answer the things that were most important to me and structure the learning so that it would be the best for me, as a student going into university."

"I enjoyed learning about how to properly manage money by setting up long and short-term savings accounts that suited my financial needs. I also enjoyed learning the terminology, this increased my confidence and understanding of how banking works and encouraged me to be less intimidated by the terms that are used."

Ready to apply? 

Learn more about how to apply, eligibility criteria and supporting documents.


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No, they don’t! Chosen students will be required to open an account at their local connectFirst Credit Union branch once selected.
Anyone attending grade 12 in communities served by connectFirst Credit Union and that is attending post-secondary in the year following their graduation.
Yes, they can. It will affect the overall total scholarship received at the end of the program.
A minimum deposit of $25/month is required. connectFirst will match up to $78/month.
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